Business Improvement

If you are an established business owner who would like to grow your business and improve your business performance, let us help by working collaboratively with you.

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A lot of business owners we encounter think of improvement and growth in terms of increased sales. We recognise that sustainable sales growth is important, however it is also very important to focus on improving profitability and positive cash flow.

Improving your business performance is relatively simple, however simple does not necessarily mean easy! Our real business experience can make a practical difference for you. We don’t trot out untested or irrelevant text book theory, we‘ll look at real opportunities specific to your circumstances.

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Please see below our Top Tips for improving business performance, many appear to be common sense but a lot of businesses just don’t do this!

Top 10 Tips for Business Improvement

  1. Sell more products or services to your current customers, they are easier to communicate with than new customers
  2. Review your pricing structure regularly and increase your selling prices where possible
  3. Develop additional products or services or a premium product/service
  4. Market your business consistently and don’t stop, you need to attract new customers
  5. Review you purchase prices regularly and seek discounts from your suppliers
  6. Regularly review you overheads and contracts, for example Utilities, Phones, Insurance, Advertising e.t.c get the best price you can.
  7. Invoice for your goods or services as soon as possible, the sooner you invoice the sooner you’ll get paid.
  8. Maintain good internal controls and business records. Timely management information and accurate book keeping should not be under-estimated.
  9. Manage your business! It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day that sometimes important things get over-looked, take time to step back and look at the bigger picture.
  10. Choose top quality business advisors and partners such as Baillie Accountants.