If you employ someone – even if it’s only yourself – you’ll usually need to register as an employer with HM Revenue & Customs, but don’t worry, we can do it for you.

If you are already an established employer operating a payroll why not let us process it for you? We can free up you or your team to work on more value added activities.

Our payroll services are really affordable and can often work out to be more cost effective than doing it yourself.

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RTI (Real Time Information)

From 6 April 2013 employers started reporting PAYE information to HMRC in real time. You may see this referred to as Real Time Information – or RTI.

This means that employers or their accountant have to:

  • send details to HMRC every time they pay an employee, at the time they pay them
  • use payroll software to send this information electronically as part of their routine payroll process

Before you start reporting PAYE in real time it’s important that the employee data you hold in your payroll records is complete and accurate. Certain details are essential such as name, date of birth and National Insurance number, and must be in full and be correct.

HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools

HMRC offer a free basic PAYE software tool which can be downloaded from here.

It is designed for employers with nine or fewer employees, and you can use it to work out payroll deductions and then report payroll information online in real time.

The PAYE tool is a great free resource but you should be aware of its limitations. Basic PAYE Tools isn’t a complete payroll package so it won’t:

  • produce payslips
  • record any other deductions unrelated to PAYE such as an attachment of earnings

It also may not handle certain scenarios:

  • certain changes in director’s NICs category letters during the tax year
  • you enter a leaving date for an employee and subsequently want either to change the leaving date or re-start the employment
  • an employee reaches the age of 16 and becomes liable for NICs – but you can switch to category A mid-year if you have already set them up in the Employer Database with an ‘X’ against their NICs category
  • you operate net pay arrangements
  • NICs for Foreign-Going Mariners and Deep Sea Fishermen

If you’re using HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools and one of these issues arises, you’ll need to start using a commercial payroll software package and transfer all your employer and employees details to it – or change to using a payroll provider

To download HMRC’s basic software please follow the link