“Design Jazz Limited have been using Baillie Accountants for over a year now and in that time we have been very pleased with the work and the service that they have provided. We love their fixed price fee which remains fixed regardless of how often we need their help. They also do our payroll, providing everything we need and a full breakdown of all payroll elements. They help out in anyway they can even if it is not within their remit. If you are in need of an accountant, Design Jazz highly recommend giving Baillie Accountants a call.”

Alan Muscat (Director) – Design Jazz

“With my first Accountant I felt like I was part of a sausage factory, I paid my monthly fee but was not entirely sure what I should receive in return. A chance casual chat with James opened my eyes to a full service, not just a collation of my expenses at year end. The amount of “Red Tape”, even for small business, can consume a ridiculous amount of time, James, as requested, nags me when paperwork is due, when the dreaded expenses are due, even the recent RTI was easily absorbed into the service. On a couple of occasions negotiated tax refunds, thus paying for his service for a few years. James has been a part of my business for years now, it would be difficult to imagine a time when he is not there, and how on earth did I manage before.”

Paul Grubb (Director) - PJG Solutions Ltd

“We have been using this company for at least 20 (if not more) years. They are organised, efficient and care. When new opportunities arise they alert us. Good company!”

Simon Humphryes - KLM Storage Limited

“Our business had been with a small family run accountancy firm for 35 years- unfortunately on retirement they sold out to a large firm and we immediately felt like a small fish in a big pond, there was no familiarity, loyalty to our needs or customer care. We were given bad advice and felt isolated and the charges doubled over night. Just at the right time we were fortunate to be introduced to James Baillie, whose care and consideration coupled with a personal interest and passion to do his utmost and go above and beyond has renewed my faith in business relations between us and our accountant. The service James has already provided has been professional, encouraging, constant and his endeavours have already saved our business during a difficult period.”

Isobel Harding (Director) - Oakhill Optical Laboratory Limited

“I have found James to be very accessible and helpful. I am not good with figures and it was great to have someone who spent the time to explain options and to give advice on what could be claimed against tax. I have always left doing my tax returns to the last minute and for the first time in years I feel that I have an accountant who will help me both get organised before the eleventh hour and in how I can ensure what income I can access, without not having sufficient funds to pay my tax bill. If you want an approachable, non jargon led accountant then he is your man! I look forward to many years of working with James and would recommend him.”

Mr K Skierski - Shrewsbury Dentist